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Blanc Cake Museum (hereafter BCM) is open for venue space and decor ornament rental. Our in-house planning team can also accommodate all your needs for small-sized events.

Venue Space Rental

BCM has 2 stories with a total area size of 2600 sqft. Our concise interior design and flexible layout are suitable for small-sized events, such as proposals, signing ceremonies, gender reveal, baby showers, birthday parties, etc.


In-house Planning

BCM has an in-house event planning team and maintains a great partnership with different vendors from makeup artists, photographers, and videographers to florists, balloon makers, etc.


Event Decor & Supply Rental

Our collection of decor ornament has different styles to fit the different themes and create exquisite scenes, which are open for public rental.

For more details about 1 & 2, please download our event & planning PDF.  EN | CHN

For more details about 3, please download our decor & supply rental PDF. Here

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