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Due to popular demand, we now offer our signature desserts in full-size cake form! Ranging from 4 to 7 inches, these delectable creations are sure to impress. To reserve your own full-size cake, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In-Store Menu

Served daily 12-7pm except Tuesday.


Delicate daily patisseries.

FP0316 image


Pineapple Coconut Mousse


FP2113 image


Matcha Ume Basque Cheesecake


CP0325 image


Inspiration Caramel Yuzu Puff


CC1507 image


Tangerine Trifecta


FP0103 image


Maple CinnamonCream Cheese Sandwich


CC1016 (Available in full size) image

CC1016 (Available in full size)

Jasmine Grape Pear Chiffon


FP0303 image


Pistachio Crunch Black Forest


CC0203 (Available in full size) image

CC0203 (Available in full size)

Caramel Banana Chocolate Cake


CC0305 (Available in full size) image

CC0305 (Available in full size)

Raspberry Chocolate Earl Grey Cake


CC0319 image


Strawberry Mochi Chocolate Cake


CC0303 (Available in full size) image

CC0303 (Available in full size)

Cherry Brulee Chocolate Cake



Coffee, Tea and signature Drinks.



Plum Americano (Iced only)

Americano w/ plum syrup


Cafe Latte


Pink Latte

Cafe latte w/ strawberry puree


Matcha Latte


Coconut Latte

Coconut milk based cafe latte


Banana Latte (Iced only)

Cafe latte w/ banana puree


Osmanthus Latte

Cafe latte w/ osmanthus syrup


Tiramisu Latte

Cafe Latte w/ Tiramisu on the top


Cafe Mocha


Strawberry Coconut Drink (Iced only)

Coconut milk w/ strawberry puree


Passion Drink (Iced only)

Passionfruit syrup w/ soda water


Plum Lemon Tea (Iced only)

Plum syrup w/ lemonade soda water


Beijing Styles (Iced only)

Hawthorn puree w/ jasmine tea based espresso


Pour Over

Hatch exlusive coffee beans


Sloane Tea

Multiple flavours


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